The TOPModels' profiles


the Romantic

Candy loves everything that's delicate, dainty and romantic. Her heart also beats for her cute pug, Prince, with whom she spends a lot of her time. She likes to have girls' evenings at her flat together with Fergie and Christy, her best friends and flatmates.


Cody plays in the same basketball team as Aaron. Thanks to Aaron, TOPModel Liv was able to take part in a cheer leader training session – and cool Cody noticed her straight away. He got Liv's mobile number from Louise, but they got off to a bad start on their first date – Cody stopped to help an old lady, lost his mobile and didn't show up at the meeting point. But now Liv and Cody are in love and spend (nearly) all their free time together!


Kay is the TOPModels' agent. He organises castings for them, and sometimes photo shoots too. From time to time he throws cool parties at the agency which are an absolute highlight. But Kay is also always there for the models as a friend and advisor, and helps them whenever he can.

Nuno Nanini

Nuno Nanini is THE star designer from Paris. Every model wants to take part in his shows as not only his designs are unique – his fashion shows are always unconventional and very special. TOPModel Nyela has already co-designed a collection with him – and it certainly won't be the last time. The TOPModels also love Nuno as a friend.


David sings together with Milan in the band Us 7. When TOPModel Talita went on tour with the boys as a dancer, she and David fell in love – and they're still together today. They don't see so much of each other as they're often both on the road, so they enjoy every minute they can spend together. David plays the guitar and loves to spring surprises on Talita, like going on a road trip in a camper van.


Aaron is Nyela's older half-brother. The two of them get on really well and like to do things together – but Aaron's heart belongs to TOPModel Louise and they are simply inseparable. Aaron's second great passion is basketball – and Louise goes to his games to cheer him on whenever she has time.


Milan is a member of the band Us 7 – and is the love of TOPModel Nadja's life. At first Nadja thought that Milan was very conceited and only interested in her for a bit of fun. But she changed her mind after bumping into him when he was selling cookies together with some children from a care home and saw how good he was with them. They've been a dream couple ever since!

Boy McFancy

Boy McFancy is a really successful tattoo artist who is loved by all the stars. Boy and TOPModel Jenny are very much in love, and are on tour together at the moment. Jenny is playing concerts with the musician Champ Rain, and Boy is working as a tattoo artist at every stop on the tour.

Carla Gloss

the Stylist

As Carla is a successful stylist, she always has the best clothing and make-up tips, and she makes sure the TOPModels look perfect when they're on set. She also has a big heart and is a good listener. So it's no wonder that her Beauty Café is a favourite meeting point for the models – the perfect place to combine styling and chilling.


the Dancer

Although Talita is the smallest TOPModel, she has the biggest temperament. She's a talented dancer and is always thinking up terrific new choreographies. She met her boyfriend, David, when she was booked to dance in a music video – and it was love at first sight.


the Power Girl

Nyela is a real power girl. She's full of ideas, and loves to design and sew her own clothes. Her dream is to have her own fashion collection. When there's time in between modelling and designing, Nyela likes to dance or chat for hours with her BFFs Louise and Talita.


the Dreamer

Nadja is a dreamer and sympathetic listener. Her friends know that she always has an ear for their troubles and feelings. Nadja loves to write poems, to paint and to go to music festivals – which, in contrast to her soft manner, preferably feature rock bands!


the Whirlwind

Miju's motto is "My life is fun" - and the Asian model would love to have fun the whole day. She'll often talk your ear off, and she loves photography, karaoke and video dance. It's never boring with Miju as she's so funny and open-minded – and that's what her BFF Lexy especially likes about her.


the Classy Girl

Louise is a natural beauty and her stunning appearance leads to many model jobs. She likes to spend her free time with her horse, Lola, or doing ballet. But she also makes sure that she doesn't forget her flatmates, Nyela and Talita, and her cats, Amy and Tiger.


the Happy Bunny

Liv is the happiest of the TOPModels. She's always in a good mood and that's why her nickname is "Sunshine". She's considered to be the calming influence in the flat she shares with Jenny and Janet. Liv likes to spend her free time at home where she makes her own cosmetics and collects cuddly cushions.


the Chaotic Girl

Lexy is lovely but chaotic. She's always forgetting things, arriving too late or losing something. But she's so charming, you can't be cross with her for long – especially not her BFF Miju. Although Lexy is a very successful model and has lots of fun with the other girls, she often misses her big sister Sandy, who used to be a TOPModel but now has a career as an actress in Hollywood.


the Party Girl

Playing guitar, listening to music, partying – these are the things TOPModel Jenny loves to do. She's bubbly and loud, and always looking for action, so she continually gets to know new people. Apart from modelling, she gets people raving on the dance floor as DJane. But she also has a romantic and sensitive side, which she reveals in the songs she composes. At the moment she's accompanying the rapper Champ Rein on his world tour, together with the love of her life, the star tattoo artist Boy McFancy.


the Shrinking Violet

June is five minutes older than her twin sister Jill – and the shyer of the two. She's a sweetheart and gets on well with everybody. That's why Liv and Janet took to her straight away and let her share their flat. Psst: You can recognise June by the mole on her right cheek.


the Wise Guy

Jill is loud and ambitious – and that means she's sometimes not very easy. But that's no problem for Janet and Liv! Together, the twins are a great asset to the flat! Jill can't see very well and has to wear glasses. But most of the time she wears contact lenses. The only difference between her and her sister June is the mole under her left eye.


the Hotshot

Janet is very self-confident and says what she thinks. So many people think she's catty. But that's not true! Her BFFs Liv and Jenny can always rely on her. She likes to design jewellery and loves elegant clothes.


the Go-Getter

Hayden loves her job as a model and is very ambitious. Her career is her greatest hobby – and she's always well organised where that's concerned. She also likes acting every now and again. Her BFF Nadja particularly appreciates her reliability. Hayden is always there for her friend.


the Crazy Lady

Fergie is super self-confident and gutsy. She often changes her hair colour and likes to try out new things – not only styles. Her favourite pastime is doing crazy things with her BFFs Christy and Candy. Boredom? Fergie doesn't know the meaning of the word!


the It Girl

Christy is a fan of fashion and beauty, and loves to go shopping for shoes. But her favourite hobby is her female Chihuahua, Bisou, who she'd just love to carry around with her everywhere in a large handbag. She shares a stylish flat with her BFFs Candy and Fergie.