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Make-Up Tips

Colours to make you beautiful!

Thank goodness for eye-shadow, lip gloss, kajal and co. So you can emphasise your eyes and at the same time cover up little beauty blemishes. You can find out how to do it here! Just click through the topics! And if you've got some make-up tips of your own, hand them over! You can write new tips in the columns.

Have fun clicking and writing!



Who doesn't dream about having beautiful eyes? And this is how to do it! more



What must you pay attention to when applying your make-up? Here are some tips! more


09_06_11_nagel_80x80.jpgNail Varnish

Varnishing your nails is not as easy as it looks! This is the best way to do it! more



Anyone can have beautiful lips. Read how it's done here! more