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Body & Co.

Think of yourself!

It's extremely important to feel good about your body. Not only fashion and make-up make us beautiful - our aura plays a role, too. Sport, a healthy diet, and the right care are essential!

Take time for you and your beauty - and click through the topics! And if you've got some good feel-good tips of your own, let us know! You can write your tips in the columns.

Have fun clicking and writing!



Some people have that certain something, and some people don't? But you can definitely work on your appeal. more


14_06_11_cellulite_80x80.jpgFight Against Cellulite

What really helps against those unloved dimples on your bottom and thighs? We've got the best tips for you. more



Show me your feet! With these tips you'll have feet to be proud of.  more



Who doesn't take a look at other people's fingers? That's why your hands should always be presentable! more


14_06_11_haut_80x80.jpgSkin Care

Not only your facial skin would like to be cared for and beautiful - the rest of your skin would, too! more



Eat yourself beautiful! With the right food you can do a lot to make yourself look good! more



Is a must! These tips will make sport more fun - and you more beautiful! more