The internet is a great thing ... but needs to be treated with respect!

Important tips to ensure that your child surfs safely


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Depesche Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Depesche was founded in 1985 and has inspired both adults and children ever since. Originally only greetings cards, keyring pendants and mugs were sold, but our range of products increased steadily, starting with the first Diddl articles,then the Guardian Angels, followed by TOPModel, Miss Melody, Monster Cars and much more.
As a matter of principle, Depesche is committed to quality and safety approved by the TÜV. In addition, out of love for the environment, all paper products are manufactured using FSC certified paper.

Is the community checked for content that could be harmful to minors?

Posts to the TOPModel community are checked by our editorial team, who reserves the right to delete any inappropriate, illegal, threatening, sexually offensive, or ethnically questionable content. The author of any such inappropriate content can be expelled from the community to prevent further disturbance.

Community members can also use the help function. Our editiorial team will look into any content that is reported and, depending on the gravity of the offence, will either alter or delete the post, warn the user, or block the user's account either temporarily or permanently.

Does my position as legal guardian allow me to check my child's details?

We never pass on information about our users, except for in cases of governmental action, such as criminal proceedings.

If a child under 14 uses the community without your consent, you can exercise your parental right to block your child's account.

My child would like to meet an internet friend. What should I do?

In general all meetings with virtual friends are risky as you can never be one hundred percent sure who they are. Any information (name, age, sex, etc.) that a user publishes on the internet can be fictitious. In other words, lenalein98 might not be a nice 12-year-old girl, but a grown-up man who does not have the best intentions.

Never allow your child to go to a meeting with an internet friend alone or without being accompanied by an adult. Always choose a neutral and public place to meet which will not reveal anything about your child, such as a café. Even if your child thinks it's embarrassing, go with him/her. If you meet in a café, it won't be difficult for you to keep a low profile.

Can your child publish photos in the community without your consent?

Everyone has the right to one's own image, and only he or she can specify what is published. But if a picture should appear in the community without your or your child's permission, you can demand that the person responsible remove it.

At the same time we would like to ask you to report any incidents so that we can be of assistance. If the user in question refuses to delete the picture, we will remove it without his/her permission.

What is cyber bullying?

People aren't only bullied at work or at school. Bullying is increasingly becoming a problem on the internet, too. This form of deliberate harassment is not only restricted to the internet by means of communities, chatrooms, forums, etc., but also by means of mobile phones.

In this case, the victim is attacked verbally, is insulted, exposed, and humiliated. The parties concerned are not only harassed with personal messages and mails, but are also often publically bullied by perpetrators who usually remain anonymous.

Cyber bullying includes not only verbal abuse but also photos and films that are published online. They show the victim in embarrassing situations, or are used to incite others to harass the person concerned. The perpetrators often also create fake profiles and public inappropriate or even illegal content in the victim's name.

Report any bullying to us at once, and we will take action against it. You can always inform the police and file a charge, depending on how serious the bullying is.

How can you protect your child on the net?

Do not react to bullying
Should your child be bullied, please report this to us. Collect evidence such as mails, personal messages or take screenshots of the attacks. Your child should not react to such bullying attacks and never respond.

Think carefully before publishing something
Once something has been published in the Internet it is extremely difficult to revoke it. Therefore, you should encourage your child to consider carefully whether he/she really wants to publish a text, image, film or other content, as everything can be stored, distributed and published elsewhere.

Our community offers these youth protection features:

You or your child can always contact us at the TOPModel community either by using the help button or at

Our site is completely free of charge. There are no hidden costs or any reward system that is subject to payment

Our website is completely free of advertising

We have over 60 paid operators on our homepage who constantly monitor both the chat and the site

The content is checked by our editorial team, who also deals with any posts that are reported

The personal settings of a user profile can be adjusted so that only friends, for example, can send personal messages or comments

Undesired users can be ignored

There is a report button for reporting inappropriate content, harassment, or other undesired incidents

If the content is clearly illegal, we will exercise our virtual householder's right to remove it

Further links on this topic: (supported by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth) – An EU campaign to promote safe use of the internet

Brochure about cyber bullying from the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere