3-tier Pencil Case

Product No. 10549

3-tier Pencil Case

Product No. 10549

This TOPModel 3-tier Pencil Case in pink is the perfect way to put summer in your school bag. The cute toucan consists of stroke-and-change sequins that make the bird change colour when you stroke them.

The following contents are already in the pencil case:

  • 18 coloured pencils and felt-tip pens
  • 2 pencils
  • pencil sharpener, eraser, glue stick, scissors and ruler
  • Great extra: a mirror


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buggy - April 10, 2019


Tinkerbell2701 - April 2, 2019

I need a new pencil case my other ones are to small to fit my pencils and other stationary I need a new one urgently. Please topmodel it would be a dream come true if you gave me this

drawingdancer - March 30, 2019

Who cares about what is inside I like the outside it looks really nice

Guinea29 - March 26, 2019

that is a bit rude

Ronella - March 25, 2019

No sorry but how is that bad? I like and who ever else does does ok🥴😢😭😞

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