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Creative Studio

How creative are you?

Do you love to think up and try out new outfits? Then this is the place for you! You can show the world that there's a real TOPModel fashion designer inside you.

Have fun trying things out, and designing and rating outfits!



Style TOPModels to your own taste. You can keep your favourite outfits in your wardrobe. more


designer tableDesigner Table

Have you got a TOPModel Colouring Book at home and have you drawn some super trendy outfits in it? Then hand them over! If you click on "Designer Table", you can put your TOPModels from your TOPModel Colouring Books online in only a few easy steps - and have others give them a rating. And you can, of course, also view other outfits and rate them! more


drawing schoolDrawing School

Each month we show you how to draw your own creations. Here.