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How would you like to play a memory game for real pros?

Then click here ...


schnaeppchen_en.pngBargain Hunting

Would you like to go "Bargain Hunting" with us? Then grab those bargains! But watch out – your hand can come away empty if you aren't careful! Show us what you can do and top the High Score list! Click here



Talita has an important casting date on the catwalk an has to show how well she can walk in high heels Then click here


fotoshooting.jpgThe Photo Shoot!

Being a star photographer you have been called to an important photo shoot, but nothing is going as it should. Some TOPModels haven't arrived yet, and others are still being made up or have to leave again soon. Can you help? Then click here


Win4youTOPModel Win4you!

The computer challenges you to a game of win4 you. Do you accept the challenge to be the first one to place 4 counters in a row? To go directly to the game click here


Jenny's Chaotic RoomJenny's Chaotic Room

Typical Jenny! One casting after the other, and no time to tidy up her room. ;-) Can you give her a bit of help with it? Then click here



Feel like playing a fun game of  Mahjong? Great. Just click here.



You are on your way to a shooting, but the wind has blown all the photos in your comp card away! Click here


Pack The Suitcase GamePack The Suitcase Game

Janet has got a terrific job, but her flight leaves in two hours and she hasn't packed her suitcase yet!. Play the game.